Pizza Man

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Pizza Man has proudly served the Glendale community for over 30 years and continues to give back to our local schools and organizations. Please feel free to call and ask us about our pizza specials and group discounts for schools and businesses.


We have heard of all kinds of record breaking news in sports and different lines of life, but it is interesting to know that in the pizza delivery industry, a delivery man name Les Conard has been a delivery person longer than anyone, with a delivery record of more than 600,000 pizzas and over $6,500,000 worth of pizzas to Glendale neighborhoods from the Pizza Man shop in Glendale, California during the last 30 years!

He started in the late 60's and is still breaking his own record!!

Delivery Man Makes $6 Million a Year!

Pizza Man - He Delivers, a franchise with more than 50 stores in California, got a promotional bonanza when scouts from The Tonight Show showed up offering to spend an evening making deliveries for the company. Making the rounds from door to door would be none other than the show's host, Jay Leno!

Filming the segment, which aired on The Tonight Show several months ago, was a hit with the customers.

"Uh, you shouldn't hold the pizza bag that way, Jay!! Better not quit your other night job."